Tablet Weaving Tips and Tricks



Here are a few tips and tricks that may help. Some of them I've picked up while weaving, getting frustrated because something didnt work right :-)

Band Widths:

To keep the width of a band mostly the same, I find that once you have worked out the bands width and the pattern looks good, measure it. Take a bit of cardboard and make it the same width. Now use a clothes pin, and put this behind the band. Now you have something you can weave the band to for a nice even width.

Button Holes:

You can do button holes in tablet weaving, by using two wefts. One weft will enter from the left, the other from the right and cross over eachother for the whole band, until you get to the desired place for a button hole. When you reach that, simply pull the weft out half way through the band with each weft. So they go half way though the band and then out the front, and over all the other threads on the outside. Continue weaving with this new edge, each separate weft doing one side. This will create edges in the middle of the band with a hole in it. :-)