Smarter than wise they all were, brave and strong,
Into the heavens like comets they flew.
To die, before their time, their trip gone wrong.
Like a comet, they sped out of the blue.
One bright star, then many, then a throng.
We watched them die, their families did too.
Stars still beckon, men will answer that call--
Til we dance amongst them, to nature true.
We thank all those who carried the ball.
We pray for those left to carry their dream.
We will pursue that as long as stars gleam.

For all of us who grew up dreaming of the stars, to the
'tune' of so many [authors, Heinlein, Asimov, Brackett, Piper, and to
sputnik, and Mercury, Gemini, ... et al].

[aka: Carol J. Bell Cannon, 11 March 2003 <>]