Clarices Mid Tudor Gown


Date Competed:
Date Competed: the early morning before 12th night 2003

Mid-Tudor Gown circa 1530

Medium brown double satin (nz$2 per meter!!)
Gold and cream brocade- (also nz$2 per meter!)
Black and brown double velvet
Small piece of green silk
Small piece of red and gold brocade

Portrait of Margaret Guildford, by Hans Holbein the Younger 1527, Study for the Family Portrait of Sir Thomas More, Holbein, 1527, Portrait of Jane Seymour, Holbein 1537, Portrait of Catherine of Aragon- anon 1530 (german embriodered bag).

General Notes:
This dress consists of many parts, firstly the underkirtle is of cream and gold brocade, visible as a
forepart and is backlacing. Secondly, the overdress of brown satin. This is rather like a large coat
in construction, and laces up the front, across the kirtle bodice. The oversleeves were lined in brown velvet and the cuffs were turned back to make the lining more visible. I decided that in order to recreate the cylindrical torso of this period Iwould need substantial reinforcement, as I am not a slight figure. For this I created a side lacing stomacher in the brown satin which was steel boned- and will have a band of couching across the top when I have time. The false undersleeves were constructed out of a lovely piece of red and gold brocade, which I then beaded. They laced into the lining of the
oversleeves, and have ribbon ties on the ventral side of the arm for chemise to poke through. The Gabled Hood is constructed on a base of cotton duck, with boning for stiffness. It is covered in black velvet, with tails in black velvet and lappets in brown satin and a headwrap in dark green silk. A simple white linen coif is worn underneath this to keep the hood clean. In addition, I wear a pouch of German geometric style of the early 16th Century, and a blackworked Handkerchief.